Maryland Education Law Deskbook

The Maryland School Law Deskbook is the first education law reference of its kind in Maryland. Written by experienced education law attorneys, and published in cooperation with the Maryland Association of Boards of Education (MABE), this comprehensive publication offers current and authoritative information on legal issues facing schools within the context of state and federal education law.

It includes key topics such as: Local School Board Roles & Responsibilities;  State Role in Education; Federal Role in Education; Financing of Public Schools; Transportation, Facility and Safety Issues; Employee Relations & Rights; Employee Discipline & Dismissal; No Child Left Behind Act; Tort, Liability & Insurance Issues; Student Attendance & Instructional Issues; Student Searches, Discipline & Hearings; Student Speech, Press & Dress Issues; Church/State Relations & Equal Access Act; Student Classifications & Diversity Issues; and Educating Students with Disabilities; Public Charter Schools & Public School Alternatives. It also includes a comprehensive index and a table of cases cited.

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