House Pension Shift Doubles Hit For FY13

As the House Appropriations Committee meets today for its final decision meeting on its budget plan, and the staff presentation shows a shift of 136 million in pension costs as part of a 3-year phase in of its shift, with half the eventual total shift being immediate.

This is a much more rapid shift of costs than has been proposed by the Senate.

Following a lengthy staff presentation and numerous questions, the Committee voted to adopt the more aggressive pension shift, by a vote of 16-9. Voting against the pension shift plan were Delegates Aumann, Bates, Beitzel, Eckardt, Gutierrez, McConkey, Mizeur, Szeliga, and Wood.

Even as the vote was called, Committee members had not received the full county by county breakdown of the multiple fiscal effects in the plan.

Click here to see the fiscal effects, according to a staff-developed summary of the amended plan.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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