Montgomery Budget – COLAs and Steps for Schools, Not for County

 The Gazette reports that Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett, recently proposed a $4.5 billion operating budget plan for fiscal 2013.

As in many counties, the contrast between the county government employees and those of the public schools will again be stark:

While the budget does not provide cost-of-living or other salary increases, Leggett is proposing the restoration of 92 positions and giving most county employees a one-time $2,000 lump-sum payment in lieu of increasing their base pay. In his budget briefing statement, he asked other agencies funded by the county to do the same — Leggett said the school system is pushing for a more than 5 percent raise for many of its employees.

Leggett’s budget proposal would also continue the county’s energy tax increases for fiscal year 2013, which was scheduled to decrease by June 30th of this year.

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