Analysts: Department Missed County MOE Calculations, Expect Revisions

Legislative Analysis Pointed out the State Department of Education Committed Multiple Errors in Calculating County “Maintenance of Effort” Funding Requirement; Counties Should Expect Revisions

Each year, the State Department of Education is required to calculate each county’s required school funding for the year ahead. At today’s Senate budget hearing on Aid to Education, state legislative analysts showed multiple errors in these Maintenance of Effort calculations, and (perhaps charitably) offered that their calculations “may require attention.”

From the DLS analysis:

The reference toward the end of the selection above suggests that the budget bill and language restrict certain funds from the Department until they remedy the technical errors. This relatively standard structure is, in effect, the means for the General Assembly to hold executive branch agencies accountable for follow-through on their recommendations.

Counties should expect an official revision from the State Department of Education soon, and most likely to reflect the revisions identified by the legislative staff above.

The full DLS analysis is available online.

The Senate hearing is available to stream via video online.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties