Session Outlook: Structural Deficit and Highway User Revenues

As reported by the Salisbury Daily Times , Chair of the House Appropriations Committee, Norman Conway, sets his sights on eliminating the structural deficit and highway user revenues.

Norman Conway, D-38B-Wicomico, chairman of the House appropriations committee, said this year will put the state one step closer to removing its structural deficit and will serve as an important time to increase funding for school construction.

“It’s been one of those situations where our county has had some really rough times economically,” Conway said. “We’ve been, I guess, playing somewhat of a catch-up game, but I think at the same time we have to recognize schools are a vital asset for our county.”

The General Assembly set a goal of eliminating the structural deficit two years ago.

Regarding highway user revenues, Chairman Conway said the following,

While it is only preliminary and Conway has not talked to his counterparts in the Senate, he also hopes this year will see a resurgence of highway user fees.The money is supposed to be given to counties to maintain roads, but has been dramatically cut in the past few years.

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