Howard County to Discuss Devastating Impact of Teacher Pension Shift

Howard County Executive Ken Ulman will talk about the devastating impact Governor O’Malley’s proposal to shift teacher pension costs to local jurisdictions will have on Howard County and the services and programs that could be on the budget “chopping block.” Joining him will be Superintendent of Schools Dr. Sydney Cousin, County Council Chair Mary Kay Sigaty, Police Chief William McMahon, Fire Chief William Goddard, union representatives and others who will be affected if the “shift” takes effect.

WHO: Ken Ulman, Howard County Executive
Mary Kay Sigaty, Chair, Howard County Council
Dr. Sydney Cousin, Superintendent, Howard County Schools
Sandra French, Chair, Howard County Board of Education
Chief William McMahon, Police Department
Chief William Goddard, Department of Fire & Rescue Services
John Byrd, Director, Department of Recreation & Parks
Union Representatives


Local Howard County “Stop the Shift” Rally

WHEN: Thursday, March 1, 10 a.m.

WHERE: Harper’s Choice Village Center Courtyard
near Howard County Police Sub-Station
5485 Harpers Farm Road, Columbia

WHY: To talk about the crippling blow an additional $17 million in teacher pension costs would level on Howard County and how the County would be forced to eliminate programs and services.

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