Speakers for Carroll County’s Solid Waste Forum Confirmed

An article in The Carroll County Times reports that Carroll County has confirmed a list of speakers for their upcoming solid waste forum, scheduled on February 28. Most members of the forum will be representatives of the national solid waste organizations and Waste Not! Speakers include:

  • Lori Scozzafava, deputy executive director of the Solid Waste Association of North America, “Ways to handle solid waste today”
  • Ted Michaels, president of the Energy Recovery Council, “How Waste-to-Energy works and its benefits”
  • John Carlton, vice president Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc., “Emerging solid waste technology”
  • Thom Metzger, director of communications and public affairs of National Solid Waste Management Association, “All aspects of recycling”
  • Steven Chafitz, president of e-End, “Governmental regulations and municipal solutions to solid waste with recycling”
  • Nelson Widdel, marketing and sales director of The Peninsula Compost Group, LLC, “Large-scale composting”
  • Don West, co-founder of WasteNot! Carroll, “WasteNot! Carroll’s recommendations”

Click here to read the full article and find out more information on each speaker and the organizations they represent.

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