Somerset County Adopts $36.2M Operating Budget

The Somerset County Board of Commissioners adopted a $36.2 million budget for the upcoming fiscal year The Daily Times reports. The  spending plan maintains the current property tax rate and is $10 million less than the current year’s budget.

FY12 budget highlights include:

… additional $120,000 for the Sheriff’s Office to cover salaries, training and equipment for two new deputies, which will allow the agency to offer 24/7 coverage of the county by early 2012.

County officials also have included an $8.6 million appropriation to the Board of Education, plus operating expenses for county departments.

County employees will receive step increases to help offset the 2 percent increase in their pension contributions.

In fiscal year 2012, the county will also contribute $300,000 for ambulance services in Crisfield and Princess Anne, which is in lieu of a tax differential to the two towns.

On the revenue side of the budget, the county will receive $211,000 less from property taxes due to decreased assessments in the Crisfield area, where properties lost about 19 percent of their value.

The county is expected to get $15.8 million in personal and property taxes. Other revenues will come from local income taxes, recordation taxes, grants, liquor sales, cable franchise fees and landfill tipping fees.

Also on Tuesday, Commissioners approved a separate $5.3 million budget for the county roads department. It includes a $2.8 million allocation from the county budget to make up for a reduction in state highway user revenues.

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