Calvert County Adopts $232 Million Fiscal Year 2012 Budget – No Tax Rate Increases

On June 7, the Calvert County Commissioners unanimously accepted a balanced budget, totaling $232 million. The budget includes no tax rate increases or use of the county’s fund balance.  From the Calvert Currents newsletter:

The measure represents a $7.07 million increase — or 3.1 percent — over FY 2011. This increase is due to a collaborative grant with the Board of Education, since county revenues remain flat. The budget does not include a cost of living adjustment or step increase for employees and, conversely, no layoffs or furloughs. Staff has worked hard to gain efficiencies, increase productivity and maintain our level of services while absorbing cuts in operating expenses over the last three years.

Education funding comprises 52.4 percent of Calvert County’s budget. The total of $109 million reflects an increase of $4 million over 2011’s budget. $2.5 million of this amount is one-time funding related to the collaborative grant agreement with the Board of Education. The balance of the increase — $1.5 million — is a result of the school funding formula.

Calvert County is seeing the decline of real property taxes as local assessments drop in value. However, their tax rate has not changed since 1987.

The full budget can be viewed online by clicking here.

For more information on Calvert County’s e-newsletter, please click here.

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