Wicomico County Approves FY12 Budget, 1-cent Property Tax Increase

The Wicomico County Council approved its FY12 operating budget earlier this week, adding a 1-cent property tax increase. The Daily Times reports:

The increase provides roughly $773,000 in additional revenue, and allows the council to restore cuts to several departments and programs, including the State’s Attorney’s Office, Wicomico Public Library and Meals on Wheels.

The 5-cent increase in Pollitt’s proposed $111.4 million spending plan would have yielded $3.9 million in revenue, but the council was determined to make the cuts necessary to avoid that hefty hike.

Among major cuts made throughout the budget process are an additional $2 million from the school system, on top of the $5 million reduction in Pollitt’s budget; $350,000 from the volunteer fire companies sinking fund; $200,000 for Pollitt’s proposed time and motion study on government efficiency; and $100,000 from the Tri-County Council.

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