Carroll County Commissioners Ask Board of Education to Re-prioritize Budget

The Carroll County Commissioners have asked the Carroll County Board of Education to take another look at their school construction and renovation priorities and budget requests for FY 2012.  In a March 27 story from the Carroll County Times,  the county indicated it could only fund part of the Board of Education’s request.  There are 18 projects on the list at a cost of $8.75 million and the county says it can only fund $6.5 million during these challenging fiscal times.

According to Ted Zaleski, director of management and budget for the county, some projects will need to be placed on hold. “I don’t see how we can pay for this,” Zaleski said at Wednesday’s school board meeting.

Board members will meet with county commissioners at 6 p.m. Tuesday to discuss the operating budget, but the capital budget may also come into the discussion, Guthrie said.

“We’re not going to recommend cutting anything, but we’ll listen to their budget recommendations and react,” Guthrie said. “But at this time, the board is not comfortable changing the capital budget.”

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