Calvert County Commissioners Unveil FY 2012 Budget Proposal

The Calvert County Reporter states the FY 2012 budget proposal of the Calvert County Commissioners provides a slight increase of 1.5 % in funding for public schools and a slight decrease in funding for county government operations.  County employees will not receive any salary increases and there will be no new county initiatives for FY 2012. All county capital projects have been deferred to 2017.

County Administrator Terry Shannon said that although the U.S. declared the recession to be over in July 2009, “for us though, I’m not so sure that we’re there,” and said the county will continue to proceed with financial caution over the next few years, closely monitoring unknown factors like oil prices, inflation, unemployment, federal spending and teacher pensions.

“2012 has its own unique challenges,” she said. “For one, the revenues are flat.” Real property revenues are expected to continue on a downward spiral for about three years, she added.

FY 2012 Budget Recommendations-Calvert County

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