GBC Subcommittee Considers County Stormwater Challenges

MACo Associate Director Les Knapp addressed the Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee of the Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC) on February 7.  Mr. Knapp was invited by the Subcommittee to discuss the challenges faced by counties relating to implementation of new stormwater regulations and the Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs).

Mr. Knapp discussed MACo’s concerns with the original 2009 stormwater regulations, including the lack of adequate grandfathering provisions and the need for clarification about when local governments may grant waivers or allow the use of alternatives to environmental site design for redevelopment projects.  He also noted the county concerns with enforcement and maintenance of new environmental site design stormwater structures and the massive costs facing both the State and Counties for TMDL implementation.

The Subcommittee discussed the environmental benefits of the 2010 stormwater regulations and the TMDL requirements.  The Subcommittee also acknowledged the significant cost challenges faced by the State, counties, businesses, and Maryland citizens.  The Subcommittee members and Mr. Knapp agreed that an important missing component in the process was citizen education.

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