Sun Opinion Piece Supports Proposed Septic Ban

A February 4 Baltimore Sun opinion piece argues in support of Governor Martin O’Malley’s proposed ban on septic systems in large scale developments.

Gov. Martin O’Malley’s call last week to limit the creation of large subdivisions with traditional septic systems was easily the highlight of his State of the State address. It is a bold, if necessary step, in preserving Maryland’s water quality.

But it will not be easily accomplished. Rural lawmakers, developers and contractors are already up in arms. Expect them to be joined by farmers and other property owners who could see the value of their land diminished.  …

Nevertheless, the consequences of what the governor has proposed could be profound. Farmers who might suffer a loss in land value may merit some type of compensation. Lawmakers will need to find ways for government to encourage more appropriate forms of development so homebuilders will have work and the next generation of Marylanders a place to live.

February 3 Conduit Street post on Governor’s proposed ban

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