Queen Anne’s County Commissioners to See Many New Faces

There is only one incumbent Queen Anne’s County Commissioner who may be returning after the general election.  Commissioner Paul Gunther, who was unopposed in the democratic primary, will be facing republican Bob Simmons for the District 2 Commissioner seat.  No other incumbent is running.

Commissioner Eric Wargotz prevailed over a crowded republican field to win the right to challenge U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski in November.  Commission President Gene Ransom, Vice President Courtney Billups, and Commissioner Carol Fordonski are not seeking re-election.  As a result, at least 80% of the Commissioners will be new.

Such a high turnover rate does occasionally occur at the county level and is typically fueled by incumbents stepping down, voter dissatisfaction with taxes or growth, or general anti-incumbency sentiment.  MACo will be providing an orientation for newly elected officials at its 2011 Winter Conference.  More details to follow.

Board of County Commissioners Website

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