WYPR Radio Show Discusses Sustainable Growth in Economic and Environmental Context

An August 25 WYPR radio show, Midday With Dan Rodricks, discusses sustainable growth and potential flaws in Maryland’s current economic growth model.  Panelists discuss sustainable growth from both an environmental and economic perspective, including the impact of growth on the Chesapeake Bay.

Part 1 (MP3):  Features:  (1) Tom Horton, environmental author and journalist; (2) Andy Ratner, Director of Communications and Education, Maryland Department of Planning; and (3) John Kortekamp, Executive Vice President, Homebuilders Association of Maryland.

Part 2 ( MP3):  Features:  (1) Addison Wiggin, economic forecaster and executive publisher of Agora Financial LLC; and (2) Nicole Gelinas, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute.

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