MDP Seeks 2011 Smart, Green & Growing Partnership Award Nominations

The Maryland Department of Planning (MDP) is seeking nominations for its 2011 Smart, Green & Growing Partnership Awards.

The Smart, Green & Growing Partnership Award Program is designed to recognize groups and individuals that have gone above and beyond to make Maryland a better place with exceptional smart growth projects and practices. 
Awards are given in the following recognition categories:
  • Greenbuilding
  • Government Innovation
  • The Florence Beck Kurdle Award for Community Activism and Achievement
  • Development & Redevelopment / Revitalization
  • Excellence in Agricultural Stewardship Award 
  • Buy Local Agricultural Challenge Award 
  • Youth Education and Awareness 
  • School Siting/Construction/Renovation 
  • Natural Resource Protection 
  • Economic Development and Job Creation 
  • Smart Moves 
  • Sustainable Infrastructure/ Innovation in Stormwater Management 
  • Maryland Smart Sites 
 Full descriptions for each recognition category can be found in the Smart, Green & Growing Partnership  Award application.  Click here to download the application.  The submission deadline is October 2.

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