2010 Early Voting Center Locations

Legislation passed during the 2009 Legislative Session requiring early voting to be implemented in Maryland for the upcoming 2010 Gubernatorial Elections.  Early voting will allow voters to vote at polling places in or outside of their election districts or wards during the two weeks immediately preceding an election.  For a complete list of early voting sites by county recently approved by the State Board of Elections click here.

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  1. Mary Depelteau

    This is to clarify early voting. While voters will not be turned away if they show up at an early voting center outside of their own district/precinct, they should vote in their own jurisdiction to be sure they’re voting for all of their local candidates in their jurisdiction (county commissioner, sheriff, etc.). For example, a Baltimore voter who votes in Frederick will vote on a provisional ballot. That ballot is then forwarded to Frederick County where only the statewide races will be counted (Governor, US Senator, etc.). Frederick County would not have Baltimore’s candidates on their ballot. Also, early voting will occur over 6 days, starting on the 2nd Friday before Election Day. In 2010, there will be no voting on Sunday.

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