Environmental Matters Committee Hears Stormwater Regulations Update

The House Environmental Matters Committee heard an update on January 26 on the issues surrounding stormwater regulations that will take effect on May 4.   Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) Deputy Secretary Bob Summers defended the regulations against concerns that the regulations would make redevelopment projects too expensive and work against Smart Growth principles.  He stated that forthcoming guidance from MDE would provide the flexibility needed to address revitalization and project grandfathering concerns.

Task Force on the Future of Growth and Development in Maryland Chair Jon Laria summarized the presentations made at the Growth Task Force’s January 15 Stormwater Management Forum, stating “We need a vigorous, committed, and monitored process on what effect these regulations will have on Smart Growth.”  He noted that the regulations provide for flexibility, but that it was hard to evaluate in the abstract.

Committee Chairman Maggie McIntosh concurred and gave MDE four weeks to complete its guidance documents.  She warned that if the guidance did not show adequate flexibility, “you will have bills.”

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