MACo Testifies Against Building Permit Extension Mandate

Maryland Association of Counties Associate Director Les Knapp and Anne Arundel County Director of Planning and Zoning Larry Tom testified at a House Environmental Matters briefing on January 26 about whether to continue legislation requiring counties and municipalities to extend the expiration dates for building permits.  House Bill 921 and Senate Bill 958 of 2009 required building permits issued by the State or local governments to extend their tolling (or running) period.  The bill also had a retroactive clause that “brought back” expired permits.  

After a discussion of the bill’s provisions and status by representatives from the Maryland Department of Planning (MDP), both Mr. Knapp and Mr. Tom testified that the legislation should not be renewed.  Mr. Knapp noted that MACo continued to have serious concerns about the legislation, citing numerous legal and interpretational challenges contained in the MDP report.  He argued that counties already have the authority to modify their building permit process and they should retain the ability to make those decisions.

The Maryland Municipal League also testified against the extension.

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