Coverage of the Governor’s FY 2011 Budget

As indicated in MACo’s previous coverage, nearly every county aid program will be “flat-funded” with each jurisdiction receiving funding at the final adjusted level for FY 2010.  As reported in the Baltimore Sun –

Local officials had been bracing for deep cuts in state aid, but O’Malley left the assistance to 23 counties and Baltimore City relatively unscathed.

“It could have been worse,” said Howard County Executive Ken Ulman, who added that O’Malley’s experience as mayor of Baltimore made him sensitive to the needs of local jurisdictions.

But that could change as the budget plan moves through the Assembly.

Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller said he’d prefer that local governments shoulder a larger share of the cost-cutting. He said cuts are “all on the back of the state,” which, he said, “is not quite fair.”

Also reported in today’s coverage of the Governor’s FY 2011 Budget – funds were not included for the purchase of a new voting system, which will save the State and counties approximately $9 million a piece.  (See MACo’s previous coverage.)

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