When Smart Growth and Environmental Policies Collide

A recent Center Maryland article highlights the challenges when Smart Growth and environmental policies potentially collide.  In most circumstances, what is good for Smart Growth is also good for the environment.  However, as highlighted by the controversy over recent adopted stormwater management regulations, sometimes these two policy goals are in opposition.  Part of the concern over the regulations stems from the negative impact they may have on revitalization efforts in already developed areas.  As the article notes:

New stormwater regulations have widened a rift between Maryland’s environmental and development communities, raising questions about whether the new provisions will harm the very Smart Growth they aim to encourage. …

The new provisions illustrate a larger state trend, according to Leslie Knapp, associate director of the Maryland Association of Counties: An increasingly common collision between environmental and smart growth policies as policymakers strive to foster both sustainability and prosperity.

To address this, as well the impacts of the new regulations, the Task Force on the Future for Growth and Development in Maryland – a group of citizens, politicians, business leaders and others responsible for studying development in the state – will sponsor a forum on Friday (Jan. 15).

MACo has a panel of representatives from Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard County, and Queen Anne’s County who will present at the forum.

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