BGE Brings Baltimore City Electric Buses

Image of Proterra 40′ Catalyst E2 Bus, provided by Proterra

Baltimore Gas and Electric, a MACo Gold Corporate Partner, will become the first Baltimore City company to have an electric bus vehicle fleet. It will also break national ground for becoming the first utility to incorporate electric shuttle buses into its fleet of vehicles.


The new buses, 40′ Proterra Catalyst® E2 Shuttles, will transport employees between BGE’s Baltimore headquarters and its Spring Garden’s campus. The first bus was unveiled March 15, with the second bus arriving in April.

BGE’s Press Release Shares its CEO’s thoughts about the project:

Zero-emissions electric buses address so many needs, from furthering our understanding of the electric vehicle technologies our customers are using, to reducing the demand on downtown parking, to minimizing our impact on the environment. We are always looking for better ways to serve our customers, and this clean, efficient and practical transportation solution is just another example of our commitment to identifying innovative new approaches.

– Calvin G. Butler, BGE CEO

Proterra shares the excitement in its Press Release about the partnership:

Utility support of innovative electric vehicle programs and grid transformation is critical as more consumers and transit providers opt for EVs, presenting both system wide opportunities and challenges along the way. We’re grateful to partner with BGE, a utility that is thinking big about the future of electrification, and supporting BGE through this technological transition as well as optimizing around an interconnected, distributed energy future.

Ryan Popple, Proterra CEO

Proterra’s buses have zero emissions, unlike other buses their size which use 11,000 gallons of diesel fuel and produce more than 480,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions every year. These buses achieve 22 MPGe while diesel buses average 3.86

The Maryland Public Service Commision is currently reviewing a proposal to install 24,000 chargers thus making Maryland the second largest electric vehicle fleet in the nation.