Winter Conference Topics Announced

Visit our website to read the newest Conference Brochure. Topics include:

Academy Core sessions:
· Basics of Risk Management
· Employment Issues

General sessions:
· Public Employees: The Heart of County Government
· Health Care Reform: The County Connection
· The General Assembly Forecast
· Maintaining #1 in Education in Challenging Times

Affiliate sessions:
· Local Revenue Authority: Filling in the Gaps;
· Deferring Maintenance – Pave Now or Pave More Later;
· Prevention As a Money-Saving Tool in Public Health; (Academy Elective)
· Trails and Their Economic Connection to Your Community; and
· Increased Burdens on County Planners: 2002-2006.
· Community Efforts to Support War Veterans;
· CSI Maryland: The Technology of Crime; (Academy Elective)
· Environmental Health and the Emerging First Responder Role; and
· Accountability For Youth Services: Care Management Entities

Check out the November 18 Winter Conference Brochure

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