WalletHub: Maryland Among the Top States for Teachers

WalletHub ranked Maryland as the sixth-best state for teachers in the country.

WalletHub, a financial resource and media site, has published its 2023 list of the best states for public school teachers. Maryland ranked 6th of 51 entries in the latest rankings.

Maryland is ranked sixth-best for teachers, following:

  1. Virginia
  2. New York
  3. Utah
  4. Washington
  5. Florida

Maryland is followed in WalletHub’s ranking by Massachusetts, North Dakota, New Jersey, and then Georgia.

WalletHub evaluated the fifty states and Washington D.C. based on “opportunity and competition” and “academic and work environment,” using 24 metrics. On opportunity and competition, Maryland scored 16 out of 51, and on academic and work environment, second place.

Read the full WalletHub rankings.