Cyberattack Simulation Exercise – Online, Participatory, and FREE for MACo Members

The Professional Development Academy hosts a quarterly Cyberattack Simulation exercise, and our September simulation has been fully sponsored! That means you and an unlimited number of your colleagues can join the virtual training at NO COST. The simulation is a reality-based exercise that prepares risk leaders for cyberattacks by assessing current readiness state and identifying gaps in preparedness. It is intended for anyone involved in cybersecurity management, risk defense, policy management, finance, or data access. 

Simulation Topic: Ransomware
September 11 – 15

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Ransomware attacks have become a growing concern in recent years and have resulted in many sleepless nights among risk managers and organizational leaders due to the significant financial and reputational damage to people and organizations. This simulation focuses on preventing such damage and provides the necessary steps to respond appropriately if and when you find yourself in a ransomware situation. Think about it: do you know the first three steps you would take if you learned right now that critical assets and files of data were being held ransom? If your organization was unable to operate because you were being held ransom, do you know the first three plays to run from your playbook? This simulation will help you validate any playbook or business continuity plan you have in place today; and, if you don’t have such a plan, this simulation will help you build one.

Designed with a daily commitment of 45 to 90 minutes for the duration of one week, activities can be accessed anywhere online and can be completed at the convenience of the participant’s schedule. The intentionally designed data injections followed by participant responses (nine in total) foster high levels of engagement that assess current preparedness and tools to close security gaps.

This simulation is being fully sponsored, so you and your team can join for free!

As an additional benefit, organizations that register for the simulation will qualify for a BOGO for the Cybersecurity Leadership Academy: first participant — $1,995, second participant — $0! Want to learn more about NACo’s High Performance Leadership Academy? Check out a short promotional video, and the NACo registration site.

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Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties