Cannabis Conundrum: Adult-Use Cannabis Through a Public Health Lens at #MACoCon

Recreational cannabis is officially on the market and public health officials are preparing to keep residents safe while using this controlled substance.

Similar to alcohol, tobacco, and other substances that are commercially available to consumers, cannabis has now joined the tier of controlled substances that are available with some restrictions. With public health and safety implications, local health officials are the primary educators for making sure communities know how to explore and enjoy these products safely. This panel will discuss what those strategies look like and include national insights on how the process played out in other states where recreational legalization has been fully implemented.

Title: Cannabis Conundrum: Adult-Use Cannabis Through a Public Health Lens

Description: Recreational cannabis has arrived for the 21 and older crowd. Adult cannabis users will have an array of options – everything from edible foods (like gummies and brownies) to pills, vapors, and infused alcohol. This market brings a tremendous public health responsibility that falls on our county health officers. Officials must ensure the community understands what these new drugs mean for health and safety. An expert panel will cover the impairment effects of different types of cannabis usage, best practices to prevent adverse outcomes such as accidental ingestion by children and discuss the science behind impairment testing that will be the backbone of regulatory measures.


  • Dr. Dianna Abney – Charles County Health Officer
  • Dr. Gregory Branch – Baltimore County Health Officer
  • Brett Mattson – Legislative Director, Justice and Public Safety Policy, National Association of Counties

Moderator: The Honorable Delegate David Moon

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