Harford Exec Cassilly, County Board of Ed Join Forces to Boost School Funding, Efficiency

The Harford County Board of Education and County Executive Bob Cassilly have each agreed to contribute additional funding for school operations in fiscal 2024 and collaborate year-round on efficiently using taxpayer funds.

The joint agreement results from extensive discussions between HCPS, the Cassilly administration, and County Council to resolve concerns about next year’s budget and lay the groundwork for better communication and cooperation.

The Harford County Board of Education has agreed to contribute $15 million from fund balance reserves toward their operating budget for fiscal 2024. In addition, County Executive Cassilly will allocate an extra $10 million, bringing the total increase to $25 million for next year, in addition to the expected increase in state funding for HCPS.

Harford County Executive Bob Cassilly

“I have always supported our teachers, and I am pleased that we have reached an agreement to increase funding for next year without raising taxes,” said County Executive Cassilly. “I would like to thank Superintendent Bulson and the Harford County Board of Education for their cooperation and look forward to working together on an ongoing basis to prioritize education while using taxpayer funds as effectively and efficiently as possible.”

The County’s share will be directed to raise teacher salaries and reduce class sizes. The funds will be drawn from a 2.5 percent cut by County Executive Cassilly from this year’s budget and other cost savings.

As part of the agreement, Harford County and HCPS will follow a new budget process providing year-round cooperation and information sharing between the two agencies to align resources and needs effectively. In addition, both parties agreed to continue working together to reduce redundancies, similar to last year’s opening of Harford County’s joint fleet maintenance facility for publicly-owned vehicles, including school buses.

Visit the Harford County website for more information.

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