$750K in Supplemental Funds for Harford Health Department

Supplemental investment to staff and modernize the Harford Health Department permitting office comes through. 

Medical professional taking the blood pressure of a patientAn agreement reached between the Harford County government and the Harford Health Department, extended e-permit software services to the Environmental Health Division that processes permits for wells, septic systems, and food service providers. This technology sharing across divisions is an important step towards modernizing various services within the local health departments.

County Executive Cassilly from the press release stated:

“This technology will provide a streamlined process for residents and business owners to apply for permits and interact with the Environmental Health Division of the Health Department.

On top of resource sharing, $750,000 in supplemental funding from the the county budget has been allocated to support staffing in the Environmental Health Division. The enhancements come at a time when recruitment and retention of employees in these departments, across all jurisdictions, has been a challenge. Work flow and work force improvements like these will ensure county offerings are meeting both restoration and development needs in a cost effective and efficient manner.