Harford Launches New Community Services Resource Guide

Harford finalizes 2023-2024 community services toolkit with 76 pages covering everything from public libraries and parks to mental health resources and veterans services. 

With public health services faltering at the federal and state level, counties continue making efforts to provide access to services in a user-friendly way. Yesterday Harford County launched the 2023-2024 Community Resource Guide. The publication features an exhaustive list of public and private resources as well as support services offered by the county government to ease the burden of accessing services. Listings include public libraries, parks, community centers and recreation programs; services for veterans, children, and seniors; resources for mental health, food pantries, and more.

Additional resources can be found on the Harford County Government website including an extensive Caregivers Toolkit from the Office on Aging. Family and friends caring for loved ones can access this step-by-step manual for managing the affairs of a loved one in need. Details on how to coordinate care, navigate challenges, organize support, and even  manage legal and financial issues are included.

Check out the Harford County community resource page.