Prince George’s On Way To Filling Police Accountability Board

County Executive Angela Alsobrooks receives preliminary approval for 5 of 6 nominees to the Prince George’s County Police Accountability Board.

Maryland Matters reports, Prince George’s County takes another step forward in filling what will be an 11 member Police Accountability Board (PAB). The announcement is one of many across Maryland as counties have taken up a substantial local effort to comply with the statewide mandate passed down by the Police Accountability Act of 2021.

The first 5, preliminarily approved, members of the Prince George’s County PAB are as follows:

  • Sheila F. Bryant
  • Kelvin Davall
  • Lafayette Melton
  • Marsha Ridley
  • Daniel Vergamini

County Executive Alsobrooks will appoint 1 more nominee for the PAB. The remaining 5 members will be selected and vetted in the coming months by the County Council to fill all 11 seats. Individuals in consideration for service on the Administrative Charging Committee (ACC) and Trial Board will be selected shortly after and be comprised of 5 and 3 members respectively. Appointments to these entities will complete the formation of a three-tiered accountability infrastructure with the goal of resolving claims of police misconduct in a judicious way and ultimately decrease the incidence of misconduct.

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