Washington County Receives $1.55M for Rural Legacy Program

The State of Maryland has awarded Washington County $1,550,000 for their Rural Legacy Program.

The Rural Legacy Program was enacted by the 1997 Maryland General Assembly. The program was created to focus on some of Maryland’s best natural, agricultural, historical and cultural areas and Maryland’s most significant rural landscapes. The Program encourages local governments and private land trusts to identify Rural Legacy Areas and to competitively apply for funds to complement existing lands preservation efforts or to develop new ones. This October, the State of Maryland awarded a $1.55 million grant to Washington County’s Rural Legacy Program.

According to a County press release:

Rural Legacy is a conservation easement program funded by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources that works to permanently preserve agriculturally, environmentally, and historically significant properties near Antietam Battlefield and its surrounding areas. The County settled its first Rural Legacy easement in 2000 and has accrued more than 8,400 permanently preserved acres through the program since. The program is administered locally through the Washington County Department of Planning & Zoning.