Preventing Burnout at #MACoCon

During the 2022 MACo Summer Conference, experts from across Maryland discussed how to address worker burnout amongst county employees.

The “Great Resignation” has seen workforce numbers dip across all sectors, including those government workers most responsible for protecting the public from COVID-19. From mental health first aid to providing self-care opportunities in the office, counties have employed numerous strategies to avoid burnout and attrition amongst their most overworked staff. Presenters advised county officials on how to best care for and retain critical workers.  

Senator Carozza introduced the session and its esteemed speakers. Director Weinstein, a former Howard County Council Member, provided an overview of the hardships faced by county workers and how they have contributed to workforce attrition. He stressed the importance of how modernized technology could ease some of the burdens workers are experiencing.

Dr. Jordan-Randolph focused on mental health and how individuals can maintain their wellness. She emphasized the need for workers to exercise self-care and other forms of resiliency.

Assistant Director Trader provided the basics of mental health first aid. For county officials, he emphasized the need to actively listen to coworkers and take an interest in their well-being.


  • Jon Weinstein, Transformation Director, CITI   
  • Dr. Gayle Jordan-Randolph, Aetna
  • Mike Trader, Assistant Director of Behavioral Health Services, Worcester Health Department


  • The Honorable Senator Mary Beth Carozza

The session was held on August 18, 2022, at the Roland Powell Convention Center in Ocean City, MD.

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