Request for Proposals Best Practices in a Turbulent Economy at #MACoCon

A panel of experts help capital project managers see light at the end of a very expensive tunnel. 

Public and private sector leaders came together to discuss challenges and opportunities across the entire life cycle of infrastructure projects in the wake of the pandemic. The Request for Proposals session focused on insights and resources for starting those projects and getting them over the finish line.

On the government side, Joseph Siemek, Director of Public Works for Harford County, outlined the struggles he knows counties are facing: rising costs, supply chain delays, employee retention. While he started the session off with a heavy dose of empathy, he finished his remarks with encouragement to forge ahead. Siemek’s closing vote of support carried a poignant reminder – “The longer you take to get started the more it is going to cost.”

Rick Scheetz, President of Gray & Son, shed light on the challenges contractors and producers are facing. Scheetz discussed the year over year increases they are seeing in prices for raw materials but also steps the private sector can take to curb the growing pass-through rate brought on by inflation.

Melinda Peters, President of the American Council of Engineering Companies, spoke to efficiencies in the proposal assessment process. Tips included saving time and effort by giving advanced notice of upcoming procurement, only conducting interviews when differentiation is required, and focusing requests on specific qualifications.

Tom Sadowski, Executive Director of the Maryland Economic Development Corporation, wrapped up the session with innovative solutions to today’s challenges. He outlined services to get your project over the finish line including financing, advisory options, project management capabilities and more.


  • Tom Sadowski, Executive Director – Maryland Economic Development Corporation
  • Joseph Siemek, PE – Director of Public Works, Harford County – President of County Engineers Association of Maryland (CEAM)
  • Melinda Peters, PE – Partner, RK&K – President of American Council of Engineering Companies, Maryland (ACEC-MD)
  • Rick Scheetz – President, Gray and Son

Moderator: The Honorable Melissa Wells, Maryland House of Delegates

The session was held on August 18, 2022, at the Roland Powell Convention Center in Ocean City, MD.

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