Cassilly Wins Harford Exec Republican Primary

With Harford County Executive Barry Glassman receiving the Republican nomination for State Comptroller, two candidates have vied for the Republican nomination for Harford County Executive, with current Maryland Senator Robert G. Cassilly emerging as the likely winner.

With all precincts reporting, Senator Cassilly has 67.87 percent of all early and election day votes. Billy Boniface, also having vied for the Republican nomination, received a 32.13 percent share. Senator Cassilly will advance to the general election, facing Blane H. Miller, III, the lone Democrat in Tuesday’s primary.

The Senator has represented Maryland’s 34th District since 2015, and previously served as a member of Harford County’s Council from 2002 to 2006. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Johns Hopkins University and a Juris Doctor from the University of Baltimore. Prior to entering the Maryland General Assembly, Senator Cassilly worked as an attorney and served in both Maryland’s National Guard and the US Army.

His general election challenger, Mr. Miller, is a Navy veteran and the CEO of an engineering firm. He previously served on the Republican Central Committee and will be self-funding his campaign.

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Please note that vote counts are incomplete. Election officials still have to count mail-in and provisional ballots. For context, more than 500,000 Marylanders requested a mail-in ballot for this year’s primary, and those remaining votes are likely to be material to many contested races. However, local boards of elections cannot begin to canvass mail-in votes until Thursday, July 21. Therefore, for editorial purposes, MACo coverage will describe any races where the top runner-up remains within 10 percent of the apparent winner(s) as “pending” and those results as “apparent.”

MACo’s election coverage and analysis rely on unofficial results published by the State Board of Elections. Official results will follow after a full accounting of pending votes. Given delays in processing an unprecedented number of mail-in ballots, MACo advises readers that any close unofficial results are subject to realignment in the days ahead.