State Transfers Crownsville Hospital Center to Anne Arundel County

Today, the Board of Public Works voted to transfer the Crownsville Hospital Center property from the Maryland Department of Health to Anne Arundel County for $1.00 in “as is” condition subject to a restrictive covenant requiring the County to use the property for governmental purposes.

As previously reported on Conduit Street, Anne Arundel County’s fiscal 2023 budget includes $3.5 million to restore a building on the future Crownsville Hospital Memorial Park campus, allowing the building to become the Crownsville Health and Wellness Center. This incubator will house emerging nonprofits, offer services to residents of the treatment centers operating nearby, and be a temporary home for the county team that will manage the restoration of the site.

The Crownsville Hospital Center was established in 1911, and hospital operations ceased in 2004. As a result, MDH determined that it no longer needs the property per its 2041 Facilities Master Plan.

Anne Arundel County Executive Steuart Pittman issued the following statement regarding the Board of Public Works vote to transfer Crownsville Hospital Center to Anne Arundel County:

“The Board’s decision to transfer the Crownsville Hospital Center complex to Anne Arundel County presents an obligation and an opportunity.

As stewards of Crownsville, we have an obligation to continue to tell the story of racism and the pain it caused, while helping lift up the stories of those who worked and lived there.

We also have an opportunity, a chance to shape the future of Crownsville as the green and healing heart at the center of our county. I look forward to working with community members, nonprofit partners, and County agencies to create Crownsville Hospital Memorial Park.

I would like to thank Governor Hogan, Treasurer Davis, and Comptroller Franchot for their support, and for partnering in a shared vision of Crownsville transforming into a place where healing can happen.”

Visit the Anne Arundel County website for more information.