Court of Appeals Extends Deadlines to Withdraw Candidacy, Fill Vacancies for July Primary Election

The Maryland Court of Appeals this week extended the deadlines to withdraw a candidacy and fill a candidate vacancy for the July primary election.

The deadline for an individual to withdraw their candidacy for the primary initially expired on April 18, but the Court of Appeals extended that deadline to April 25. The deadline to fill a vacancy in candidacy for the primary initially expired on April 20, but the court pushed back that deadline to Wednesday, April 27.

As previously reported on Conduit Street, the Court of Appeals of Maryland issued an order moving the 2022 primary election from June 28 to July 19.

Early voting for the delayed July 19 primary election will begin on July 7 and run through July 14. The deadline to register to vote in the primary is June 28, and the deadline for primary voters to request a mail-in ballot is July 12.

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