Gov. Larry Hogan Declares State of Emergency in Howard County

Governor Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency in Howard County in the wake of a flash flood that devastated the historic main street area of Ellicott City. The executive order was issued Sunday at 10 a.m. and will give support and assistance to those affected by flood damage throughout the county.

From the Baltimore Sun,

Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman called the flooding a “terrible, terrible, horrific incident,” and said Main Street would remain closed for the foreseeable future as officials continue to secure buildings under the around-the-clock guard of state troopers.

Gov. Larry Hogan signed a declaration of a state of emergency in Howard County, which “sets the wheels in motion for federal assistance,” Kittleman said. Howard County officials are only beginning to assess the cost of the flood, including the cost of the emergency response and the amount of damage done to buildings.

“It’s worse than any of us expected it to be,” Hogan said Sunday morning as he toured the town’s Main Street, where a river of water as high as restaurant awnings had tossed cars, destroyed storefronts, gutted small shops and left massive sinkholes for blocks.

Four or five buildings on Main Street were totally destroyed, and between 20 and 30 had significant damage, officials said. About 170 cars were being towed from the area, to Centennial High School on Centennial Lane, and would be released to their owners on Monday or Tuesday.

Kittleman praised the bravery of citizens and first responders, and promised the town would recover eventually — saying local residents and shop owners “have the willpower and determination to keep on keeping on and to make Ellicott City a vibrant and wonderful community again.”

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