Harford Announces Financial Incentives for Hiring and Retaining School Staff

County Executive Barry Glassman and Harford County Public Schools (HCPS) announced a hiring and retention incentive plan for school staff.

The County announced on November 16 that it is instituting a three-part plan for hiring and retention school bus drivers, attendants, and cafeteria workers. The plan includes financial incentives like pay raises, retention bonuses, and sign-on bonuses for new hires.

The County will provide $2000 retention bonus for school bus drivers, including contracted drivers, bus attendants, and cafeteria workers. An additional $2000 hiring bonus will offer be offered to new employees.

Also part of the plan, HCPS approved a one-time 8% raise for bus drivers, bus attendants and nutrition workers, effective Dec. 26, 2021.

In total, the financial incentives will cost $2.3 million dollars, The county plans to allocate money American Rescue Plan Act to fund the plan.

Harford is the latest county to offer financial incentives for hiring and retention of school staff as Maryland school districts continue to face staffing challenges, including a shortage school bus drivers. In fact, the issue is so widespread that just last week the Maryland House of Delegates held a joint hearing on the issue of school bus driver shortages.