State COVID Emergency: Still on Target for Mid-August Full Phase-Out

Despite some potentially confusing wording and actions, the full phase-out of the State’s declared COVID emergency remains on track for August 15.

In June, the Governor announced his intention to end the COVID emergency declaration, and cited a 45-day period for an orderly resumption of timetables and provisions related to the emergency itself.

See coverage on Conduit Street:

While Marylanders are still encouraged to get vaccinated and to maintain sensible behavior, the State of Maryland has lifted its emergency declaration, and is amidst phasing out temporary provisions under the emergency.

In general, state-established provisions and deadline extensions are being eliminated along with the July 1 rescinding of the State of Emergency. Residents are advised to check directly with any State agency to determine what, if any, special provisions still are in effect and for what time period.

Last week, the State issued a nominal extension of the COVID emergency, not widely recorded through the media– through a proclamation, reading, in part:

…so its essential provisions acknowledge the earlier decision to “teminate” various orders, but then references the need to continue certain provisions to ensure “continued emergency response.”

Following some chatter on social media the last few days, Baltimore Sun reporter Pamela Wood boosted an old Sun article, framing the matter as confusing but effectively just the technical follow-through to the end-with-grace-period plan as originally set for July 1 through August 15:

Our takeaway: things are as they were… the full lifting of the emergency order and its multiple provisions remains on course for August 15. The phase-out period needed to ensure an orderly transition of deadlines and authorities granted under the emergency declaration required its technical extension, but that does not itself represent a change in policy or timetable for its eventual elimination.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties