July 1 Marks End of State-Declared COVID Emergency

While Marylanders are still encouraged to get vaccinated and to maintain sensible behavior, the State of Maryland has lifted its emergency declaration, and is amidst phasing out temporary provisions under the emergency.

In general, state-established provisions and deadline extensions are being eliminated along with the July 1 rescinding of the State of Emergency. Residents are advised to check directly with any State agency to determine what, if any, special provisions still are in effect and for what time period.

More details are available on the Baltimore Sun, in a subscribers-only article: Some of Maryland’s COVID emergency mandates end today. What will change?

Many counties took their own local actions in response to the pandemic – extending deadlines, softening rules on permit/license renewals, and allowing remote actions to replace in-person appointments. Each county has had some time to anticipate this change, and if its local laws were predicated purely on the state declaration, they have either been rescinded or re-framed based on other local authority.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties