Baltimore County Latest to Okay “Drinks To Go”

The Baltimore County Liquor Board voted to extend temporary allowances for establishments to offer limited “to go” options including alcoholic beverages.

In hopes that pandemic-related triggers such as the statewide emergency declaration would be lifted with improving health trends, the General Assembly this year authorized local jurisdictions to extend “to go” cocktail service beyond the limited provisions of the emergency.

Baltimore County, by a vote of its liquor board, has joined the list of jurisdictions continuing the practice.

Form coverage on the WYPR website:

Baltimore County’s liquor board Monday agreed unanimously to bring back to-go mixed drinks immediately.

“In the year-and-a-half we’ve done this, we have not encountered any problems,” said Mike Mohler, the liquor board’s chief administrator.

He said he knew of no opposition to bringing back to-go cocktails. In some parts of the country, owners of liquor stores have opposed them because of the competition, but Mohler said that is not the case here.

Alcohol delivery is only one of a potential wave of policy/service areas that many governments will consider for the post-pandemic period… based on lessons learned and experiences through the COVID duration.

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Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties