Ørsted, Tradepoint Atlantic Achieve Key Milestone in Development of Maryland’s First Offshore Wind Staging Center

Ørsted, the world leader in offshore wind, announced in April the successful completion of the initial phase of Maryland’s first offshore wind staging center at Tradepoint Atlantic, the 3,300-acre global logistics center in Baltimore County, Maryland.

“Tradepoint Atlantic is a world-class Maryland asset with a storied legacy of serving the needs of the United States and the world,” said Governor Larry Hogan. “This Baltimore institution is once again positioned to serve as a critical piece in supporting our country’s clean and renewable energy transformation for generations to come. Now is the time to invest in the kind of infrastructure that supports the development of new industries—like offshore wind—and the creation of thousands of new jobs. Ørsted has an established track record as the global leader in this noble effort, and we’re proud to call them a partner in achieving our climate and renewable energy goals” (Ørsted press release).

According to a press release:

Ørsted announced in 2019 a landmark agreement to develop Maryland’s first offshore wind energy staging center at Tradepoint Atlantic. Establishing a world-class, state-of-the-art facility for offshore wind at Tradepoint Atlantic marks a major milestone in the development of Ørsted’s Skipjack Wind Farm and the expansion of Maryland’s offshore wind energy workforce. The center advances Ørsted’s commitment to create 1,400 jobs in Maryland as part of the Skipjack Wind Farm, including 913 jobs measured in full-time equivalents during development and construction and 484 jobs during operation.

The Skipjack Wind Farm will be built by the world’s leading offshore wind developer, Ørsted, who is also the only company to have successfully developed offshore wind energy in the U.S. The project was proposed in response to Maryland’s Offshore Wind Act of 2013 and is designed on the premise that renewable energy can be a reliable solution to meeting modern electricity challenges. At the right size, in the right location, the Skipjack Wind Farm can help Maryland meet its clean-energy and emission-reduction goals.

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How the Development of Offshore Wind Can Support Maryland’s Growing Green Economy

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President Biden has set a goal to deploy 30GW of offshore wind energy by 2030. What does this mean for Maryland? Ørsted, the global leader in offshore wind, is already working to provide the state with renewable energy through the development of Skipjack Wind 1. They’ve also proposed a second project–Skipjack Wind 2–that could power over 250,000 homes. Join Ørsted as they discuss how their projects will generate positive economic impact, expand job creation, and support the state’s goal of achieving its full and long-term potential in this incredible new American industry.

Date/Time: Wednesday, August 18, 2021 | 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

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