Nominating Committee Set for Blueprint Implementation Committee

The Kirwan Blueprint Bill included its own Implementation Board, with its own nominations process. The Nominating Committee to start that process has now been fully appointed.

Governor Hogan has appointed his two representatives to a nominating committee to help populate the body that will oversee the transformative next decade in Maryland education spending and expectations.

Dr. Rose Li, current member of the State Board of Education, and appointee to the Nominating Committee

Among a lengthy list of appointees released last week are the Governor’s two nominees to the Accountability and Implementation Board Nominating Committee – Dr. Edward Root, and Dr. Rose Li. The other four members of the nominating committee were appointed by the General Assembly’s presiding officers in May. The very construct of this process was itself contentious, with some stakeholders questioning the proper process for creating the new body whose role in education policy, and relationship to the State Board of Education, was a matter of extended negotiations.

Fuller coverage of the nominees and process ahead is in Maryland Matters. From their coverage:

Once established, the Accountability and Implementation Board will be responsible for developing a statewide comprehensive plan by February 2022 to guide reform and approve county-level implementation education reform plans. The board also has the power to withhold 25% of new state funding from counties each fiscal year until the board approves a county’s progress toward implementing reform.

Read the full article on Maryland Matters.



Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties