Howard Launches Digital Equity Initiative, Revamped County Website

This week, Howard County Executive Calvin Ball announced a new digital equity initiative to expand digital inclusion and increase broadband access for residents. The County aims to become a national model for digital inclusion.

Through “Transform Howard,” the County will take immediate steps to increase internet access in the area by expanding WiFi at public places like parks, libraries, and fire stations, providing devices for residents, and establishing an Office of Broadband and Digital Inclusion. The County is also looking ahead and will engage in a study and long-term planning effort to increase digital inclusion and broadband access.

The County also launched a new “everything friendly” website designed to work well on any device or internet platform. The new site will make it easier for residents to get access to the information and services they need from their local government.

“Transform Howard is our blueprint for digital equity and inclusion in Howard County,” said Ball. This initiative builds on the progress we’ve already made to expand broadband during the pandemic but will take us into the future where Howard County is a national model for digital inclusion. We know how critical digital access is to our community – no matter your age or ability, because it provides great opportunities for our residents and businesses to learn and grow. The new website is just one step we’re taking to improve digital inclusion in Howard County and make online services more accessible to our residents and businesses. We’re always looking for ways to make the online experience better. For so many people our website is their first interaction with the County and we want to make a good impression. The new site is more accessible to people of all ages and abilities and makes our most requested services one click away.”

For more information, view the press release on the County’s new website.