MES to Run Garrett County’s Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

Garrett County Republican article (2017-07-11) reported that the Garret County Commissioners have entered into an intergovernmental agreement with the Maryland Environmental Service (MES) that will have MES take over operations of the County’s water and wastewater treatment plants.

The County estimates it will save nearly $100,000 a year from the agreement and allow the County to reduce 13 positions in the Utilities-Operations Department. The agreement allows affected employees to apply to MES with preferential consideration for similar positions or other open MES positions.

The article indicated that the commissioners adopted a resolution approving the agreement on July 8 and that the agreement will take effect August 5. From the article:

“This provides for the county to enter into an agreement with MES to provide day-to-day services, such as engineering, operations and workforce management,” County Administrator Kevin Null said.

Further information on the agreement is provided through a Garrett County press release (2019-07-09):

MES was tasked by Garrett County, over many months, to identify ways to increase efficiency and streamline operations within the County water and wastewater programs. MES submitted a proposal that allows the County to shift the responsibility of providing day-to-day service and operations to MES.

MES’ unique not-for-profit structure will enable the State-owned environmental organization to operate water and wastewater services in Garrett County with greater cost efficiency while continuing to provide a high level of quality and service to County residents. Garrett County will retain the necessary control and oversight of water and wastewater management functions.

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