Former Delegate: Empower Public Sector Unions Everywhere

Former Delegate Jimmy Tarlau argues for the State to mandate all public sector employers to allow employees to unionize and collectively bargain.

Former Delegate Tarlau, picture courtesy of Maryland State Archives

On the Maryland Matters website, former Delegate Jimmy Tarlau – still involved in labor leadership after his time in the legislature – makes the case for statewide unionization laws, rather than a local option.

From his opinion piece:

Most Northern states have collective bargaining laws in place that allow public workers to form a union and be recognized by their employer if they show that a majority of the workers want to join a union. Many Southern states have laws that do not allow public workers to form unions and negotiate with their employers.

Read the full write-up from the former Delegate on the Maryland Matters website.


Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties