The Next Census of Governments is Right Around the Corner

In 2022, the US Census will conduct its five-year Census of Governments, an inventory of public sector entities serving Americans at every level – be ready now for a streamlined survey effort ahead.

Census of Governments

The Census of Governments identifies the scope and nature of the nation’s state and local government sector; provides authoritative benchmark figures of public finance and public employment.

The U.S. Census Bureau is beginning its Census of Governments outreach and promotion effort and we need your help to increase awareness, participation, and response rates.  The Census Bureau conducts a Census of Governments of all state and local government organization units every five years, for years ending in two and seven, as required by law under Title 13, U.S. Code, Section 161. The collection of these data will be part of a three-phase effort to document the size, structure, and finances of all state and local governments.


The Census of Governments (CoG) is the most comprehensive and precise measure of government economic activity. It identifies the scope and nature of the nation’s public sector and provides authoritative benchmark figures of public finance, pensions, and employment. It classifies the complex and diverse state and local government organizations, powers, activities, and measures state and local fiscal relationships. The CoG is comprised of three components—Organization, Employment and Finance.

With the release of each data product, the CoG provides policy analysts, researchers, and the general public with a more complete and clear picture of the public sector. These data products present information to assist in addressing the issues that concern state and local governments and serve as the foundation for developing national economic and public policy.
Improvements to the 2022 CoG will increase efficiency, reduce response burden for state and local governments, and provide data products that reflect our ever-changing U.S. economy.

View a .pdf flyer prepared by the US Census Bureau for public sector leaders, explaining the Census of Governments and the steps toward its full implementation.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties