Hogan Administration Adopts Updated CDC Guidelines for Schools

State officials yesterday announced that Maryland will be adopting the new guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommending students maintain three feet in distance, with universal masking still in place.

State Superintendent of Schools Dr. Karen Salmon and Deputy Public Health Secretary Dr. Jinlene Chan yesterday issued a letter to notify school systems of the update in state guidance on social distancing within the classroom. In compliance with CDC guidance, schools should now allow for students, while in the classroom, to maintain 3 feet of distance between each other. This updated guidance is the result of numerous and robust academic studies finding that 3 feet of distance between students did not significantly impact transmission of COVID-19 when compared to the earlier 6 feet distancing guidance. Adults should continue to maintain 6 feet distance from students and other adults.

From the press release:

“Every single Maryland student must have the opportunity to return to attending school in some form or fashion, and this updated CDC guidance is another step in the right direction,” said Governor Hogan. “The time has come to give our kids a chance to get back in the classroom, and to open all of the schools.”

“This updated guidance and the continued low rate of cases in schools should empower all Maryland schools to bring more students back into the classroom and/or give students the opportunity to receive in-person instruction more frequently before the end of the school year. In accordance with the CDC guidance, schools should implement phased prevention strategies with an emphasis on prioritizing in-person learning.”

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