MACo Member Webinar: Tips & Best Practices for Cash/Liquidity Management

MACo Members are invited to join MACo and our new partner, cashVest by three+one, for a webinar on how to maximize cash liquidity.

Tips & Best Practices for Cash/Liquidity Management

Your organization’s cash/liquidity position is likely to change due to the recent passage of the American Rescue Plan Act. New liquidity data opportunities will allow your public entity to maximize value on all taxpayer dollars. This webinar will focus on how to get a clear picture of your liquidity needs, how to use data to communicate those needs to internal & external stakeholders, and how to meld cash flow management into liquidity management. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn what liquidity data is and how to use it.
  • Investigate the impacts of an economic shock on your county’s liquidity position.
  • Forecast liquidity to plan for different scenarios in 2021.
  • Evaluate financial partners to maximize value for the taxpayers.
  • Use data to share your county’s changing financial picture with stakeholders.

Alex DeRosa, Tyler Frame, and Kyle Metcalfe

cashVest® by three+one® harnesses liquidity data to maximize the value of every dollar through liquidity analysis – a breakdown of how cash can be best utilized for current & future operating needs, offsetting banking fees, borrowing, and earnings/savings opportunities. Finance officials of public entities, higher Ed institutions, and hospitals can execute operating cash and investment management decisions with more confidence and greater ease using this financial technology. cashVest can also strengthen credit ratings, as advanced liquidity projections account for 10% of the framework for ratings.

three+one is endorsed by the National Association of Counties (NACo) and the Maryland Association of Counties.

April 21, 2021; 11:00 am – 12 noon

MACo members should email to register.

Links to learn more: 

Check out the program overview, FAQ & vlog on cashVest’s website.
For any inquiries or questions, contact the cashVest team